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Her Majesty’s Nautical Almanac Office provides very accurate predictions of lunar crescent visibility around the world.

United States Naval Observatory

The above link connects to the Astronomical Applications Department of the United States Naval Observatory. Future lunations may be accurately computed off of the charts available there. The fractions listed are for 12 a.m. on the Gregorian date given.

0.00 – The astronomical new moon (or conjunction), when the sun, moon and earth are all in alignment and there is no visible crescent.

1.00 – Full moon.


This website posts the date and time the first visible crescent was observed around the world. Additional observers willing to share what they have seen would be appreciated.


Teach Services, Inc. is a great resource for many hard-to-get books. They sell copies of Sunday Sacredness in Roman Paganism by R. L. Odom as well as occasionally have available copies of The Two Babylons by Alexander Hyslop.


This website sells perpetual lunar calendars in the form of a compact, easy-to-use, circular slide rule.


This website sells a variety of moon calendar products.

Perpetual Calendar

This is a perpetual Gregorian calendar on a single sheet of paper - easy to use and free to copy off. (Posted by permission of Justin White, www.CalendarHome.com.)


This website sells copies of The Great Controversy as well as books by Stephen S. Haskell.

Maimonides and most other Jewish chronologers agree that the modern Jewish calendar is based upon the “mean motions of the sun and moon, the true having been set aside.”  (Maimonides, Kiddusch Ha-hodesch, Tr. Mahler, Wein, 1889, emphasis supplied.)