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Grace Edith Amadon (1872–1945), granddaughter of Adventist pioneer, John Byington, received her education at Battle Creek College where she learned Greek and Latin.  She was also proficient in music.  In 1893, Miss Amadon was invited by the Mission Board to go to Cape Town, South Africa, to teach Greek, Latin, mathematics, and music at the Claremont Union College.  After returning from the mission field in about 1899, Miss Amadon was in charge of the Battle Creek church school for two or three years.  Between 1903 and 1912 she lived in Chicago where she served as a bacteriologist and taught pathology and other science subjects in a Chicago college.

After spending more than twenty years caring for her elderly parents, Miss Amadon was invited by the General Conference of the Seventh-day Adventist Church to join a specially formed research committee in January of 1939.

Grace Amadon made a distinct contribution to astronomical science by confirming the validity of the time prophecies of the Bible.  She made contacts with associate astronomers of the United States Naval Observatory and several of her articles were accepted for publication by scholarly journals.

“There can be no substitute for the governing principles of luni-solar time . . . These laws were established by the Creator from the very origin of time, and they will last throughout eternity.  If they seem useless and impractical to us, it is because we do not understand them.”  Grace Amadon

“If the Committee desires to take time to seriously consider the laws and vital principles involved in the lunar meridian, they may sometime find these important truths of greater value than now appears.”  Grace Amadon

“Any reasoning that Jewish time in the 1st century was based on a plan so irregular and secret that it is now impossible to lay bare the system is not at all in harmony with the facts.”  Grace Amadon