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The Day God Trumped Obama

"God's true calendar not a 7-day cycle?"

"This is a fantastic opportunity, Laura Lee! Not only do we have the weight of historical evidence on our side, but better still we have scriptural proof that he doesn't have! I really think we should accept this challenge."

I listened to the enthusiastic voice of Kerrie French telling me of her exciting discovery: an article on World Net Daily about a man offering $1,000,000 to anyone who could offer "a verse from the Holy Bible showing that God commands us to keep holy the first day of the week instead of the seventh day as is commanded in the Bible." I had to laugh at the irony of the situation. The Gregorian Sunday just happened to fall on the biblical lunar Sabbath that month!

"Oh, come on. There is no way this guy has that kind of money! He is just counting on no one being able to provide a proof text," I protested.

"It's not about the money," Kerrie explained. "I seriously doubt he has that kind of money. Besides, we wouldn't need to accept it. He is just using this as a clever way to get people to compare their beliefs with scripture. The point is, you cannot prove a Saturday Sabbath from the Bible any more than you can prove a Sunday Sabbath from the Bible. But you can prove the lunar Sabbath from the Bible and this month the true Sabbath and Sunday coincide! Why don't we use this opportunity to expand the issue? The true Sabbath can't be found on a solar calendar."

Caught up in Kerrie's enthusiasm, I sent an email to World Net Daily asking if they would be interested in a follow up article with an unusual twist: a growing, world-wide movement in Christendom agitating a return to worshipping God on the seventh-day Sabbath of the biblical luni-solar calendar. I said that we would like to accept the challenge because when the Sabbath was calculated by the biblical calendar, it did fall on Sunday for that lunation. I received an email in return from Joseph Farah, editor and CEO of World Net Daily, saying he was interested and to work with his executive news editor, Joe Kovacs, the reporter of the original article.

A few days later, Joe Kovacs called for an interview. His questions were intelligent and pointed. He was clearly well-acquainted with the Saturday/Sunday issue and well versed in the history of Christendom. I told Kovacs that Kerrie and I agreed with the challenger, Jan Marcussen, that the seventh day was the Sabbath. However, Marcussen's error was in assuming that the Gregorian Saturday was the seventh-day Sabbath of the Bible. Kovacs said that his own Bible study had convicted him of the need to keep the seventh-day Sabbath. He commented, "Modern Christianity is inundated with paganism and they don't even know it." I was very pleased to get a reporter that was as knowledgeable as he of the long-standing controversy over worship days.

In closing, he asked that Kerrie and I "inundate" him with information on the subject. We took him at his word! We sent him Bible texts, historical documentation of the change in calendars, as well as astronomical evidence of the discrepancy between the pagan calendars and the biblical calendar.

The article, God's true calendar not a 7-day cycle? was posted on WorldNetDaily.com late Friday night, August 22, 2008. I was disappointed. What timing! The very next day, Saturday, August 23, Democratic presidential candidate, Barack Obama, would be announcing his running mate. How could an article on lunar calendation hope to get any coverage in the face of such newsworthy competition?

The response was overwhelming. Because the article gave the link to 4 Angels' Publications website, hits from around the world flowed in. All across North America, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, the Far East – the website hits kept growing and growing. There was so much interest generated in this topic, and the hits on the World Net Daily article were so many, that the article moved from being in a list of articles on the right hand column to being the "Breaking News!" headline article on the home page – above the article revealing the identity of Obama's running mate! We began to jokingly refer to it as "The Day God Trumped Obama."

E-mails poured in as well. The majority of them were from fellow lunar Sabbath keepers around the world, astonished there were others in the world who believed as they did. One of the most moving was a letter from a Muslim in Yemen. Shocked to discover that there were Christians whom "the God" had led into the truth of the original calendar, the letter said, in part:

I read your article on WorldNetDaily and I have to say in the least that I was completely amazed at the title. I was amazed because those who are true students of what most people mistakenly refer to as the ‘quran' already knew this. I was also amazed and it was a sign to me that the God's truth is the God's truth everywhere and for those who seek knowledge in sincerity and humbleness will find it even if they don't believe in or don't know about His book revealed to the prophet/messenger Muhammad and that increases me in belief.

The e-mail went on to explain that there is a growing movement within Islam to set aside the traditions of the Sunnis and return to the purity of the Quran alone which "was so clear about how the calendar should be, exactly as you found, a lunisolar one."

In a follow up e-mail Joe Kovacs said, "I'm happy to have written the article, and while we don't disclose specific information on hits, I can tell you it was among the leading articles through the weekend, if not No. 1."

The immediate increase of visitors to this website, as well as the ongoing interest in this subject testifies to the drawing power of truth.