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eLaine Vornholt and Laura Lee Vornholt-Jones are a mother-daughter team committed to following the Lamb wherever He may lead.

Having been raised Saturday sabbatarians, being told that Saturday was not the Bible Sabbath was a tremendous shock. eLaine and Laura Lee felt that they could not rest until they had studied the issue out for themselves. They had to know for sure which day was the true Sabbath.

Their search for the truth led them deep into the archives of the Seventh-day Adventist and the Advent Christian churches. Deeply buried, or misunderstood facts of early history as well as astronomical evidence coupled with the testimony of scripture revealed that Saturday was indeed a modern counterfeit of the original, ancient Sabbath of Creation. The wealth of material that opened before them convicted the women that they had been entrusted with truth others needed to know as well.

It is the hope and prayer of eLaine and Laura Lee that the information contained on this website can be used to benefit and augment the individual study of others. The truth and power on this website is fully divine; any mistakes are all theirs. Visitors are urged to take what is good and leave the rest.

eLaine Vornholt

Laura Lee Vornholt-Jones